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10 most intimidating stadiums

Moraes boasts a pass completion rate of 86% as opposed to De Gea’s 64%. De Gea (6) also betters Moraes (4) in terms of clean sheets.

At least with the Metrodome it felt like the fanbase had a little something to pin its collective identity to -- granted that "something" involved a cold and unfeeling dome replete with cheering for bad turf bounces and balls lost in the lights, but it was something! Also, since it's state law that every block needs a minimum two taverns, these people can DRINK, but said drinking manifests itself in asshattery at a far lower rate than in other cities. It also likely helps that nice Canadian couples living north in Richmond Hill who celebrated the last time the Blue Jays made the playoffs (before last year) by doing sex now have a 21-year-old, fully grown adult child wearing a Joe Carter jersey to tell an awkward story to. Honestly though, Wisconsinites are just pretty psyched to have another outlet for tailgating and mass Leinie consumption in the warmer months between Packers seasons, and if the Brewers ever actually manage to break through and win the damn thing, so much the better. His opinion on shredding the pow-pow at A-Basin vs. As the sole Canadians in this thing, Blue Jays fans are too busy (*shuffles through Canadian stereotype handbook*) politely throwing loonies at suspected Quebecois to be outwardly obnoxious to opposing fans.The 24-year-old has kept seven clean sheets this term, four in the League.Ederson Moraes Appearance: 9Clean sheets: 7Goals conceded: 2Last conceded: vs Bournemouth on 26/8/17 Key signing this season?You'd be hard-pressed to find a more affable fanbase than Brewers fans. Despite the fact that it might seem intimidating to be amongst legions of Bawlmer fans rooting for dem O's, drinking Natty Boh, and talking about Joe Orsulak, it's really not.

The only difference is all of them are doing it while eating Nolan Ryan hand-dipped corn dogs, and Nolan Ryan 100% beef burgers.

Camden Yards is a great place to watch a game, the Orioles are kind of good, but not really so good that it sparks any sort of spike in confidence, and everyone is so focused on making sure their containers of Old Bay are still safely tucked away in their cargo short pockets filled with crabs that you can have a downright pleasant time at an O's game as a visiting fan. Things were so dark for so long for Pirates fans, when conversations around a half-empty PNC Park included such riveting subjects as "at least we have Jason Bay, so that's... " and "this Aramis Ramirez trade won't come back to hurt us will it? It definitely will." But back-to-back (unfortunately heartbreaking) wild-card appearances and a legitimately fun, well-run team have brought things back to life, even if fans still have their guard up to the point where key regular-season series will still have tickets remaining (even with one of baseball’s sneaky-great stadium experiences).

But yeah, in most cases Pirates fans are a pretty alright bunch -- most of your more abrasive yinzer types save the bulk of their wrath for Steelers season.

One of the most intimidating goalkeepers in the Premier League is David de Gea.

The Spaniard has, on numerous occasions, proved to be Manchester United’s edge in defence.

Despite being Texans, and thus genetically predisposed to boasting and scorning other people's brisket, the fanbase that supports the Astros evokes many of the same feelings as the -- gasp -- Brewers fans: long suffering, and non-threatening to opposing fans.