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You know who you are, always looking for a way to step out of your comfort zones together. Since most people have a full-time job and can’t always be traveling to find adventure, it’s important to find ways to be cute and adventurous right in your own backyard. Frontier Skydivers’ season runs from the first weekend of May and continues until the last weekend in October, so start building your courage now!It’s true, nothing truly brings a couple closer together than sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience together. Make sure you call to schedule your jump ahead of time.

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But hey, all the more reason to hang onto each other, right? And having your significant other there to cheer you on makes the experience that much better! The feeling you get when you’re freefalling from 14,000 feet with Tom Petty singing in your head is as insane as it sounds.You’ll get a unique view of the scenery in the East Aurora / South Wales area with views of the lake and the city in the distance.Gift certificates are available to surprise your sweetie for a special occasion!Get a stunning view of our beloved Buffalo while soaring through the sky together.

You’ll be departing from the Buffalo Lancaster Airport to tour the Buffalo area and begin your journey over Canalside, Downtown Buffalo, and more.

There’s a weight limit of 250lbs and please make sure you dress appropriately (like you’re going to workout).

If you have long hair make sure that it’s tied back and enjoy zipping around the woods together!

You can get closer the falls than you ever have been by signing up for a Cave of the Winds adventure.

Upon arrival, you both will take an elevator 175 feet into the Niagara Gorge with nothing but a poncho and each other to shield you from Niagara Falls.

There are complimentary lockers for your belongings and make sure you bring a change of clothes because you’ll be drenched afterward.