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18 and 29 year old dating

How would I do that, would I need a job and would I have to move out first before I got emancipated?

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Examples include Chinese 年 "year", originally 秂, an ideographic compound of a person carrying a bundle of wheat denoting "harvest".The term can also be used in reference to any long period or cycle, such as the Great Year.(hṓra) "year, season, period of time" (whence "hour"), Old Church Slavonic jarŭ, and Latin hornus "of this year".I am am the valedictorian of my class and have a full scholarship to a university so my school is covered and I really am a good student who doesn't drink or do drugs.Other's (coaches, teachers, friends) have also recognized her abusiveness towards me and I feel like I have an adequate case of emotional abuse.I started dating my boyfriend when I was 17 (who was 29 at the time). We have kept our relationship a secret but my parents have almost found out.

We both live in North Carolina, so I know the age of consent is 16.

The ISO standard ISO 80000-3, Annex C, supports the symbol "a" (for Latin annus) to represent a year of either 365 or 366 days.

In English, the abbreviations "y" and "yr" are commonly used.

In tropical and subtropical regions several geographical sectors do not present defined seasons; but in the seasonal tropics, the annual wet and dry seasons are recognized and tracked.

A calendar year is an approximation of the number of days of the Earth's orbital period as counted in a given calendar.

I don't know what reason your parents are telling you that you are still under their authority. Sounds like an attempt to try and remain in control of you.