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Most Building Heroes rise out of Public Workshop’s youth-led community design-build improvement projects wanting to do much, much more.The Building Hero Project serves as our mechanism to support and grow these young ‘Building Heroes’ in Philadelphia and Camden into a powerful, connected army of community change agents, leaders and civic entrepreneurs.

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The Building Heroes are a growing army of empowered and skilled young adult leaders and change agents who want to make our neighborhoods and Philadelphia in general, better places to live through design.I always write with my students and use the development of my own story to demonstrate the creative process.I ended up creating something in my first dystopian fiction class that I really liked and thought there might be a market for the story. Really, that title should read Best IN 2012, because the books on my own “best of” reading list were not necessarily published in 2012, that’s just when I happened to read them.The Building Heroes will be happy to give you a tour.CHEERLEAD FOR OUR INCREDIBLE TEAM OF BUILDING HEROES!It’s funny how little down time I allow myself by before I feel the need to get something done. Between the productivity we take a walk to a local coffee shop and the subject of how we rarely relax comes up. I had written short stories for classes or if someone invited me to write one, but I had never thought about writing for the short story market until about a year-and-a-half ago when I was asked to teach a dystopian fiction class to teenagers focused around producing a short story.

During the “holidays” one would most likely find us in our respective offices brain-deep in some type of creative or career project: digitizing rare audio cassettes, typing up old journal pages, writing a proposal for a conference, a class, a book. We don’t work; we plerk.” (SIDENOTE: we discussed the spelling of the combination of “work” and “play” and decided against “plork” because no one would pronounce it right.) Plerking for me...

The whole 50 First Lines exercise is a blast and it works.

I’ve proven to myself over and over again that it works, and now I have an excuse to use some of my results.

There’s an open call for a short story anthology I’m interested in submitting to and the deadline is Dec 31st, so it’s perfect timing.

If you’d like to join me and submit to this anthology (or to any other anthology or magazine or just want to finish a short story by the end of the year), you can play along. Last week I wrote about going through SPLAT, but before I could face my own personal splat, I had a few questions for it. My own high expectations and the expectations of my publisher, my friends, my family, and my fans.

Tiarra and Tamira Bell (17, high school students), Wynn Geary (18, high school student), Coby Unger (24, industrial designer Autodesk Foundation Fellow), Akh Jones (30, union carpenter and builder), Ryan Burke (16, high school student), Zhi Zhang (16, high school student), Sam Wittchen (34, writer-harpist-engineer-illustrator), Will Soto (23, skateboarder), Tiffany Perez (18, high school student), Troy Taylor (16, high school student), Kate Zmich (27, playground manager), Kaycie Chute (24, Etsy Store manager, industrial designer), Danny Meservey (22, industrial design student), Keeley Flack (23, industrial designer), Lindsey Jones (17, high school student), Nick Nawa (22, industrial design student), Mike Darfler (29, Dept of Making Doing Program Manager, builder), Leia Nightshade (17, high school student), Darnell Morris (19, college student and Community Connector at Peoples Emergency Center) Rural Studio The Building Hero Project urban gaming berlin Comprehensive Plan The Weekly What If?