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Adult chat wiv pics

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Helping our gcc through loss of his flock mate We recently bought two young green cheek conures (9 and 7 months old) from the pet store who came from the same breeder. i just got a new parrotlet two days ago and i dont think he likes me he is Four months old. Will a Sulpher crested cockatto get along with a Swainson Toucan?he doesnt like when i get him out of his cage he runs away from me. I am looking into purchasing a conure or a Quaker parrot as a companion. We currently have a Sulpher Crested Cockatoo, and thinking of adopting a Swainson Toucan, and was wondering if they would get along in the same house. My female Zebra Finch is all puffed up and sleepy My Female Finch was fine yesterday, she has been laying eggs over the last week.

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I suspect he is in mating mode, but this has been going on for months. african grey, always itchy his beak and his neck My African grey is always rubbing his beak on everything, he always wants me to scratch it and the top of his head and down his neck, why is he always … bird with feet turning black and nails disappearing hi i was wordering if you know anything about what to do if my paakeets feet on the inide are turning black and his nails are disapering there drying out …I just noticed today, that my parrot is some-what limping and sort of "dragging" his one foot! Timneh Grey Parrot at bottom of cage, lose droppings, shiverring My timneh grey has had very lose droppings, shre's shiverring a lot, and spending a lot of time at the bottom of her cage. my male budgie keeps getting these red patches all over him basically every afternoon and its really worieing me becuase when he has read patched he starts … Treating Kidney Failure in Congo African Grey Parrots? Sometimes he does it on my brother's hand (he loves my … How do I tell if my Blue Crowned Conure is a male or a female?Why is my parrot regurgitating and rechewing his food lately? I have had my African Grey Parrot treated at the vet for Kidney Failure. Parakeet died during storm, can sudden loud sounds scare a bird to death? Female Yellow naped amazon parrot tries to mate with me I used to have a female yellow naped amazon parrot that would try to rub her private area on me while making a "mating" sound, and then would shake or … Blue and Gold Macaw who is laying eggs has blood in droppings Hello, I would appreciate your feedback on a situation I am now facing with my 14 year old blue and gold macaw. my 5 month old indian ringneck only eats peas, corn and the pellets. What age: Rainbow lorikeets end handfeeding What age do you take hand raised lorikeets off 3 meals a day. Is there anyway to tell without surgical suggestions? I have a one year old male senegal parrot and is "paired" with a two year old female.hears my story, hope it helps ok so im am going to apologies in advance if any part of this starts to sound like im venting and thank you to all who read this. my conure used to be sweet but has been aggressive lately my green cheek conure used to be so sweet and cuddly but for the past week im scared to even get near him. New aggression from a beloved Hahn's Macaw I have a Hahn's Macaw who is about 3.5 years old. He was brought to where he was purchased where the seller …why does my cockatoo regurgitate her own spit and then play with it?Recently, my Amazon 20 plus years old, appears to often bring his food back up into his beak and chew it over again. is vicks warm vaporizer harmful for my quacker parrot?? She seams to have seasures or spasims now and again. I found our Parakeet dead in her nesting basket after very loud overnight thunderstorm. which kinds of birds should i think about getting as my first bird? which screams loudest umbrella cockatoos or african greys I currently have a 8 year old cockatoo but are considering taking him back to the pet shop because of terrible biting and screaming. talking amazon parrot stops talking for 10 years after move Our talking amazon parrot stoped talking for 10 years after move to another location/house. would like to know if its ok that my indian ringneck only likes to eat peas, corn, and his pellets. And what age do you start feeding them fruit and other food that you would feed adult Lorikeets. Umbrella Cockatoo flight feathers are coming in weird and under bite Umbrella Cockatoo flight feathers are coming in weird... My bird is almost middle aged, and we have no idea whether he is a male or female. My dad bought a nest so she might get "encouraged" to have eggs but … Then I realized the ONLY time she does this is when …

my doctor recommended the use of a warm mist vaporizer(vicks) in our bedroom. i am 9 and thinking about getting a bird companion because i rarely have friends over so i am usually bored an doing nothing. My Africa Grey has a bleeding lump in its chest I have left home for a month and come back found out My husband's Africa Gey doesn't want me to get close to it. Bubbly sticky clear substance coming from my White Head Amazon Parrot's mouth My White Head Amazon Parrot has this sort of clear bubbly sticky substance coming out of his mouth a few times a week. Parakeet Bobs His Head While He Makes Coughing/Clearing Throat Noises I've recently caught my parakeet making noises which sounds like he is clearing his throat or coughing but at the same time he is bobbing his head. why is my baby budgie's foot shaking and he is not standing on it? female parrotlet will not stop hissing and trying to bite. Why is my amazon parrot do a high pitch squeal at night?

I have a bonded pair dna'd that have been together for years they preen each … I feel so sad about getting rid of her because I have read so many stories about parrots … Well it all started when my little white bird kept pecking him self and everyday he would do that.

baby blue front amazon spits up alot of saliva my baby blue front amazon spits up alot of saliva is this normal. Dusky Lory Disorientated and screaming after riding in car I take my Dusky Lory to get his nails clipped every 6 months. After riding in the car for about 20 minutes, I bring … HELP young African Grey doesn't like anyone but me I have a 3 and 1/2 month old African Grey which is absolutely beautiful to me I can do anything with him. untill one day we saw that he was all red where he was …

The female is chirping at me and making her back flat. 5 week old budgie eats too little and sleeps too much The mother of the baby budgie died and I took it home to raise it. why is my 15 week african grey parrot scraching its self ? Indian ring neck dive rolling to the ground because it's scared My Indian ring neck dives to the ground and summer salts I think it's really scared but I can get him on my shoulder he will walk up my hand but I can't … Bird Itching or Cleaning for 14 week old Indian Ringneck Hi, I have a 14-15 week old Indian Ringneck, I have just noticed in the past day he has started either cleaning himself or scratching in between his feathers. Introducing a new budgie to a female who lost her mate a moth ago In mid November, I wrote asking what to do about my male budgie who was sick. How do I teach baby female king parrot to eat seed We found an injured baby female king parrot close to death and have nursed it back to health with wambaroo rearing mix. Pet Insurance and Personal identificaion for Amazon Parrot We're currently adding an amazon parrot to our family and were curious about pet insurance.

I understand its the weening period so i put some seed in a shallow dish inside his … why is my 15 week old african grey parrot, scraching itself on his left side, we have only just brought him home. I just got a new female cockateil and I think it's sick I Just got my cockateil 4 days ago. I've heard that VPI is a popular policy but haven't heard …

Why does my cockatoo keep regurgitating her spit and then playing with it?