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Amsterdam cuckold

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BUT by the slimmest of margins on the last night before I flew home I did happen to have an amazing sexual encounter with a Ukrainian girl. Again she was a very tall girl with shoulder length blonde hair, a stunning figure and breasts from heaven. That pretty much rounded off a very enjoyable and satisfying trip.

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As the massage progresses the male partner will often undress and begin to arouse himself and the more aroused his partner becomes during the massage the more turned on he becomes.I don’t think that it is always from a masochistic motivation that a man want to be cuckold since in many cases I see the man getting pleasure because he is sharing his partner with another man and that the by giving his partner to another man he derives a sense of approval and acceptance from the other (possibly more dominant) male.I see this like a adult version of the clever but not naturally sporty kid in the playground who wants to be included in the “Cool Kids” gang but only gets accepted when he has something of value to offer (sweets, toys etc ).The Cuckold Experience I have given the Cuckold Massage to both opposite sex and same sex couples though at the moment it seems to be growing in popularity more with heterosexual couples.It seems that when the a man who does not see himself as bisexual or even bi curious can find that watching his wife or girlfriend being touched and aroused by a male masseur during a massage, a real turn on.Biologist Robin Baker who wrote “Sperm Wars” speculated that the excitement and stimulation of the cuckolding fetish emerges from the biology of sexuality and the effects of sexual arousal on the brain.

According to one of his theories, Baker believes that when a man thinks that his female mate may have been sexual with another man, the man is prompted by biological urges to copulate with the female in an effort to “compete” with the other man’s sperm.

This is usually done with the male masseur giving to the female and female masseur giving to the male.

However some couples will use use this scenario as a chance to explore their sexuality.

I ended up having too much fun, getting drunk, time passed by, forget business etc.

There is definitely an element of being ’star struck’ when you meet the women you idolize, so there was a case of me getting cold feet on occasion.

I met Dutch pornstar Bobbi Eden at this party and again she was such a lovely sweet girl, very friendly and grounded.