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So it was necessary to create a "bridge" between the living people and the creditors for the bankruptcy.The answer was to create straw men to stand in the place of the people.

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At the same time as people are acting collectively in the larger body of people called the State and National government, they maintain their ability to act individually on a private basis.The people did not give up the rights they did not delegate to the government - they retained those rights.Any man can contract privately as they see fit and government cannot interfere with the private contracts of men.In this country, the power was granted to government by the people.Power is granted to the government by the people individually - to create States, and by the people as a whole to create the National government.The straw man lives in the public side of government.

He is part of the public government, and functions under the laws of the public.

But there was one problem: The states could only speak for the people in their public capacity.

They could not pledge private, living human beings or property.

A look at the structure of the straw man entity shows the ownership/control relationship, and which position it is best to hold.

Prior to the redemption process [redemption is a term used among freedom loving people to describe the process of regaining control of your straw man], the man is considered both a beneficiary in the relationship and surety for the straw man.

If you are not the beneficiary/owner of the straw man you are not liable for his debts or obligations.