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Ang dating daan official website

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That his church is the only one true church that teaches the word of God and the very elect of Christ.He also believes that he is the only one that can explain the prophesies in the bible.

But Eli Soriano's father, I believe was an INC minister who then split from that cult because I think he wanted to be the leader of INC but the Manalos aren't going to give the leadership to anyone outside their family.Something like that, I can't remember the exact story. I dated an Iglesia Ni Christo (INC) or Church of Christ woman for a year and half.Eventually Eli took reigns of a group and erected his own group. Basically, INC beliefs are a hodge podge of different branches of Christianity.Also part of his teachings to his members not to put your money in the bank but instead put in his bank account to help him in propagating the word of God in the world.Also teaches that in doing good to others, you dont need to inform anyone.They have become well-known (or notorious) in the Philippines recently for their acrimonious, tit-for-tat debates with the Iglesia ni Cristo which put up a television program (Ang Tamang Daan) on their TV channel (NET 25) specifically directed at the ADD.

ang dating daan (the old path), is a television and radio program by a cult that is called ’CHURCH OF GOD INTERNATIONAL’, headed by a vitriolic ‘preacher’ named eliseo soriano, they adhere to the belief of ‘sola scriptura’ but deny ‘sola fide’, this group is deeply anti-catholic, for a more thorough background and refutation of this cults belief one can visit ben douglas’ website the heading protestantism…

For instance they will combine KJV and Moffat translations in mid scentence to make it fit what they want it to say.

At various points in time Felix Manalo belonged to various different churches including Catholic, SDA, and various protestant sects so almost all of their objections to the Church come from these protestant objections.

They deny His Divinity, they’re confused about the message of the Gospels, and they seem to be very bitter people. It’s really rather strange, although unfortunately it’s not the first such group in the history of modern Protestantism! But this becomes circular, since as I said they don’t seem to be teaching anything different from a myriad other groups.

It’s really rather strange, although unfortunately it’s not the first such group in the history of modern Protestantism!

[quote="Catholic_Dude, post:1, topic:60739"] I kept hearing about this Ang Dating Daan thing and went to their web page. And this stems from their founder Felix Manalo who basically church jumped his whole life until, as the story goes, he went to his room for three days and heard the true word of God telling him to restore the Apostacised church and gave him the true interpertation of the bible.