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Aol hangs updating locations

aol hangs updating locations-56

I have for a long time used an older version of Paint Shop Pro as my picture viewer because it has the features I need and the convenience of the fact that you don’t need run an installer to use it.

For instance I can right-click "My Computer", select Explore and start a new Explorer window.That means that I can put it on one system in my network and run it from the others.The system from which I’d originally run it was the decommissioned computer, Development.8/28/2005 PM by Anonymous # re: The Case of the Intermittent (and Annoying) Explorer Hangs"The average user confronted with the same scenario would have had no way of knowing what was causing the hangs or of fixing them."quoted for emphasis 🙂 8/29/2005 AM by hotbot # re: The Case of the Intermittent (and Annoying) Explorer Hangs Very interesting. It has always been very inciteful."I think you mean "insightful" although Windows frustrations have incited me to do many unspeakable things.I too experience hangs or delays of many seconds with Explorer. 🙂As for this particular issue, I think you could diagnose it by saying it was a general no-no that the HKCR\*\Default Icon\(default) value used a network path.However, if I try to start new processes that open an application window, they get hung until Explorer snaps out of it.

Another awkward thing is that Explorer de-freezes after some amount of time, but the interval varies (1 - 10 minutes).

However, after the initial hang I could navigate the folders fine for a while, but a few minutes later I’d experience a long hang again.

When I recognized the reliability of the hangs I suspected that something was broken and I decided to investigate.

This stack trace proceeds all the way into the kernel, ntkrnlpa.exe, and then into the Mup driver.

The calls to SHDef Extract Icon W (frame 31), (Multiple Provider Router) and (Multiple UNC Provider driver) told me that Explorer was trying to access a network path to obtain icons for the folder that I had opened.

This is just one example of the many types of Windows issues that cause users to complain that their systems slow down over time and that result in a general “I don’t know, just reinstall” mentality. Update: Here's an article by Larry Seltzer on this blog entry where he points out that some users confronted with this type of problem might suspect malware to be responsible: re: The Case of the Intermittent (and Annoying) Explorer Hangs Do you know if the windows explorer in Vista will be more multi-threaded?