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She told me that Arab men (especially him) are quick and direct about what they want. I told him I wanted to get to know him better (as we agreed on after the first time he talked about marriage). Can someone be help me understand what is going on? He was deciding whether or not to stay in the States and work on getting his CPA. It was confirmed by family later on that he was not marrying to get a green card. We kept in touch while he traveled and after he got home. He talked about how he can't concentrate at work because he is so far away from me.

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Mona didn't pick anyone to chat with right away, but soon several users [End Page 251] were hailing her. However, unlike traditional sex tourism, where Western businessmen travel to East Asia on business and enjoy the purely sexual services of a sex worker in Thailand or Hong Kong, for example, in Jordan, the clientèle is mostly female.In some cases, they're even willing to pay for the pleasure, although unlike traditional sex tourism where one pays for the exchange, this payment is often in the form of helping with rent or showing sympathy for an ailing family member."I gave my boyfriend £9,000 to start his own shop in Petra," says one woman who identifies herself as Mary, but prefers not to give a last name stated.Mona responded first to a user named "Romeo," because she liked the sound of his "nick." They wrote to each other in the standardized Romanization of colloquial Arabic that has grown up in chatrooms and through mobile text messaging. As is conventional, he started by asking for her "asl." This term, which sounds like the Arabic word for "origin," was coined in English language chatrooms as shorthand for "age, sex, location." In Jordan, chatters identify themselves instead by listing their age, sex, and national origin. Specifically, many local observers have feared that women in public space would form sexual or love relationships...

" "I'm the guy next to her." Mona turned very slightly to the left, trying to look as subtly as possible. While modernization projects throughout the region have relied upon them to do just that, concerns of honor and respectability have nevertheless haunted their efforts.

On " Jordan," as on all of the channels which are popular in Irbid, conversation doesn't take place in the main chatroom.

Rather, users communicate with each other one-on-one—though they often carry on five or more private conversations simultaneously.

Since the late nineteenth century, Middle Eastern women have steadily increased their presence in "public" spaces, such as the street, the university, the market, the office, and the mosque (Macleod 1993, Arat 1997, Asfaruddin 1999, Massad 2001, Thompson 2000, Newcomb 2006).

Each of them unsmilingly raised one hand in parting as he left.

I met him at his family's house a few days later and met his family in person and had dinner with them. His cousin said that he was happy to have a friend in the USA since he went through a lot with his ex-wife.