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Are chris crocker and danny dating

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Although his video defending Britney Spears drew the attention of the wider public, Crocker had already become one of the most-watched video producers on My Space and You Tube, having gathered what MSNBC described as a "cult following".

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He released his first EP titled The First Bite digitally on i Tunes March 19, 2011.Crocker stated that although he is often acting in his videos, his emotions were genuine and "straight from the heart"; although he described the clip as a "second take" in one interview, he clarified on Jimmy Kimmel Live!that he meant that it was the second part of a longer video, the first part being "Leave Britney Alone pt. Both Crocker and the video were also parodied in the South Park episode "Canada on Strike," with a cartoon Crocker running around in a fight between various Internet memes, telling them to "leave the others alone".Crocker's earliest experience with online networking was as an editor of an e-zine, where he met his first boyfriend, with whom he was only able to interact online and by phone.Crocker later found another online forum, where his acting skills helped him blend in on a free phone party line run out of Los Angeles "filled with flaming black men, black drag queens, and trannies from Compton", where he was outed as white and dubbed "Cracker".It is just a few seconds shorter than the second part, and Crocker, although emotional, remains relatively calm and composed, becoming teary only at the very end.

In the videos, Crocker lashes out at gossip columnists such as Perez Hilton, and at reality TV star Simon Cowell, who criticized Britney Spears' onstage music performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Pentecostal grandparents who continued raising him when his teenage parents were not able.

While his grandfather reportedly knows little about his Internet fame, his grandmother has reluctantly appeared in some of his videos.

Jewelry designer Nelson Chung, professionally known as Onch and a fan of Crocker, hired him as a celebrity spokesmodel for more than two days' worth of publicity work as well as appearance at World of Wonder's Just Britney art show in exchange for airfare. In a June 2007 autobiographical comic strip, where Crocker discusses future plans, he states, "I'm going to make the leap from living with my Pentecostal grandparents to living with drag queen roommates. I'm going to make the leap from outhouses to very own house." Crocker was one of Lily Allen's Internet correspondents on the February 2008 premiere episode of BBC's Lily Allen and Friends where he posed questions for the guest celebrities, in this case David Mitchell and later, Cuba Gooding, Jr.

On May 23, 2008, rock band Weezer released a viral music video for their song "Pork and Beans" – "a natural anthem for the self-expression that's been taking shape on You Tube" – which featured various mash-ups of viral videos and You Tube celebrities, including Crocker, all playing themselves.

The EP peaked at #3 on the i Tunes Electro Album charts.