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Are nat and rosalina actually dating

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However, neither one ever confirmed or denied their relationship status.But we have a feeling that one was definitely on at some point.

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In Fall 2009 these two were said to be dating — and they were even spotted together a couple of times!It also features guest appearances by David Desrosiers (Simple Plan) and Tobin Esperance (Papa Roach).Rosalina comes back after her music cruise, but Michel (the French guy Rosalina kissed on the cruise) also comes back, criticizes Nat's music, and kisses Rosalina which Nat sees.Wolff arranged a recording session for the three of them in the studio. Draper saw them recording in the studio, she came up with the idea to make a "mock documentary" about the band as if they were huge like The Beatles.The film consisted of celebrities who were friends with Draper and Wolff, including Cyndi Lauper, Julianne Moore, Ann Curry, Uma Thurman, Tony Shalhoub, Ricki Lake, Arsenio Hall, and the complete cast of Thirtysomething.Meanwhile, Thomas and David pull off the prank of all pranks, and then Cooper takes the fall for his buddies, making him a hero in the eyes of Ms. Nat and Rosalina ditch the prom early for the masquerade party, where the Naked Brothers Band rocks the house with a performance of "I Don't Wanna Go to School".

She also recently appeared in an ad that was part of LG's mobile harassment campaign, "Give it a Ponder." In 2008, she was involved in a brief controversy when several pictures of herself and her friends making racy poses in bikinis and lingerie were leaked onto the internet, due to her Myspace account being hacked as part of a larger security breach on the website. Di Meco hasn't appeared on screen since 2009 and has declared her retirement of acting on her You Tube account. After previously attending school in Connecticut (Holy Cross High School) she studied privately with tutors, while taking some classes at a college.

The charity ended up raising over $45,000 and was donated to the children of the firefighters who were killed during the terrorist attacks.

After the band's charity concert, the band performed shows at Christmas parties and wedding ceremonies.

Alex learned how to play, as he viewed tapes of Starr playing, which resulted in him becoming a proficient drummer. At the age of 6, Nat composed a melody without lyrics.

He later desired to compose a song that sounded like The Beach Boys' music. Nat begged his mom to be a child actor by putting signs on his door that said: "I want to be a child star, Mom!

This causes a heated fight between Nat and Rosalina in which they break up and Rosalina quits the band.