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Arizona dating for women

The contract verbiage states that the clearly Phoenix Singles’ membership contract within three business days after contract is signed providing member sends a signed, written notice to Phoenix Singles by certified mail, or personally delivers a signed, written notice to Phoenix Singles.” No such cancellation was received by us; subsequently, Ms. Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2017 PMSubject: Re: 3 On Your Side Ms.Gray has not been proactive in her membership, however we are more than happy to help Ms. She is more than welcome to call the office and get assistance in finding someone for her.

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Our clients are tired of dating online and looking for a better quality of people to meet They are tired of dating and looking to settle down with someone wonderful.Meet with our Arizona matchmakers in person so we can use our experience and our extensive database to make an great match for you.A 3 On Your Side viewer says finding a compatible mate is kind of tricky and that's why she thought a dating service would make it a little easier, but nearly three months later and $3,800, she says she hasn't gone on one date yet."Tall, nice, kind, reliable, trustworthy all the things that women want," Dorothy Gray said.That promising statement, along with the company's salespeople, got Gray's attention."Everyone came to the door, 'Oh my gosh, you're so beautiful. We have so many men in the database that fits your criteria, and look at you, my gosh why don't you already have someone?'"Gray signed an agreement with Phoenix Singles back in March and was told she was getting a great deal for the money"The fee I actually got a bargain.Let us do the work to ensure great first matches that often lead to fabulous relationships.

You will have peace of mind knowing your Arizona matchmaker is dedicated to finding your right match, even if the last one wasn’t “the one”.

I paid $3,795 for the service but initially, it would have been over $7,000," Gray said.

For nearly $3,800, Phoenix Singles took photos of Gray and activated her profile for men to review.

Allow our professional matchmaker to guide you to that special person in a way not possible using computer algorithms.

Are you frustrated meeting unqualified people on dating apps, websites or through friend’s recommendations?

At the time Dorothy Gray signed Phoenix Singles’ membership contract, we properly disclosed our limited refund policy to Ms.