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We believe that skill for women is the first and best intervention for this issue.

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One of the most difficult yet effective ways to reduce the risky behavior of your frisky teen is to talk to them. Durga charges Rs 500 per person for a three-hour workshop. Currently, the not-for-profit trust has a team of nine women spread across Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.It holds two workshops in a month in schools, colleges, girl’s hostels, construction sites, residents welfare associations and corporates.Her custom-made seminars have also been performed nationwide for schools, municipalities, national and international sports teams, parents and other groups.She also provides individual relationship health coaching.Although it made the country sit up and take notice of the sort of evil meted out to women, three years have passed but nothing has changed.

Every other day we hear news of yet another case of sexual harassment and rape.

Jeanine gives valuable strategies for opening up and sustaining this conversation, as well as doing life-changing sessions with kids and parents.

Recalling the 2012 Delhi gang rape case still runs a chill down our spines.

After the Nirbhaya tragedy, this chartered accountant decided to start her own organisation, Durga, to arm girls and women with self-protective instincts to deal with sexual harassment in public spaces. Durga conducts workshops to help women understand behaviour better and be prepared to address crime.

Over the last three years, it has worked with over 3,000 women and girls across Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Jamshedpur.

The group seminars with music deliver important messages by getting teen and young adult audiences actively involved with the subjects at hand with familiar musical touch points and humor. All these and many more can be covered in Jeanine’s powerful Adult Talks and One-On-One encounters.