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Armory not updating 4 2

armory not updating 4 2-51

This happens more quickly than I would have imagined (right now I've got it distributing to 118 settlers in about a minute).Distributing weapons to settlers will cause them to revert to their original outfits.

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I'm not sure why there haven't been more reports of it not working, but I'm looking into it and will post a fix as soon as I figure out what's going on.Once an Armory Telestorage Manager is created, all armory containers will share storage, making all items accessible from any settlement.You can retrieve weapons and grenades from your settlers ahead of time so that you can go through their equipped gear and decide to reuse it or weed out the crummy weapons.Update: Some realms/characters are not properly finding Crucible info. The Armory is not currently providing Crucible data so I’ve developed a workaround for the website and the Discord bot.To get Armory sims on the website and Discord bot to use your Crucible traits, you need to run a simulation on the site using the copy/paste input from the Simulation Craft addon.Weapons can be retrieved to either "Equipment" or "Junk", depending on whether you think you'll be reusing them or scrapping them.

I've tested this with about 34 connected settlements with 300 settlers, and it takes a couple of minutes to distribute the gear.

If your Crucible data is missing or out-of-date, the bot and website will let you know.

This is only for Armory imports — Sim C input should always be correct.

There are now two sets of containers each for armor and weapons, combatant and non-combatant.

Categorize settlers as either combatants (usually guards, provisioners, and scavengers), non-combatants (e.g.

Obsolete weapons recovered from settlers are moved to "Junk" for you to sort through and reuse if desired.