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Askmen dating advice tips

The navigation is a selling point, too, directing users to trending pages, related pages and more.Guys might not find exactly what they’re looking for at first, but there’s still a treasure trove of information to glean.

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The Internet allows men to search for help anonymously, but it doesn’t reveal which sites work.Social Clout: 16K Facebook likes; 6,084 Twitter followers Twitter Handle: @Single Black Male URL: The author of “The Guys’ Guy’s Guide to Love” brings his 20 years of life experience in New York City to the web in his blog “On Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness.“ In addition to dating tips, Manni has articles on being a “Guy’s Guy,” a respectable, upstanding man, in areas ranging from business to meditation.Social Clout: 7,857 Twitter followers; 5,111 Facebook likes Twitter Handle: @Robert Manni URL: He’s an anonymous gay dating expert who ranked on DA before for 2013’s “10 Best Gay Dating Bloggers.” Now we’re featuring him without any qualifiers.The category isn’t totally centered on men and questions they’ll have, but most of the entries are about wooing women.These listicles provide a great introduction to dating advice.Social Clout: 3.7M Facebook likes; 2.82M Twitter followers Twitter Handle: @Mens Health Mag URL: How Stuff Works details how the world works.

Dating is part of the world, so obviously it’s covered here.

Social Clout: 25K Facebook likes; 23.1K Twitter followers Twitter Handle: @James MSama URL: Single Black Male lands on the list because of it’s wide-ranging advice and dedicated targeting, as evidenced by the name.

Despite that targeting, though, SBM remains diverse through its array of staff writers and guest posters presenting “a 360-degree view” of any and every topic, allowing men to pick and choose what advice to follow.

Social Clout: 937K Facebook likes; 96.5K Twitter followers Twitter Handle: @How Stuff Works URL: Match is DA’s top pick of dating sites, coming in with 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Their advice is aimed for both genders, though some pieces are solely focused for guys.

e Harmony’s advice page has a little bit of everything: listicles, guest posts and general advice abounds.