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Be2 dating ervaring

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It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but other sites flat out exclude certain groups due to their lack of options.

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So I think that the chances for a men to meet a woman in this site are quiet small, at least California. Not sure it's as good as my all time fave wejustfit but it's not far off. So you don't know if there's a creepy stalker of yours....Sadly enough I've met plenty of women who looked nothing like what they advertised.Ok Cupid has still got it, I had a great date last night and feeling positively giddy this morning haha!Would rather be single to share the sentiments of many.okc account, the previous accounts got banned for no reason!i reported that problem so many times but no one replied to my msg!

i have 0 view, 0 like, 0 reply on there after having upload of mine dosen of nice pics viewing fifty !!!

It takes an awful lot longer to get up and running than the other site I liked ( and im not sure im such a big believer in all the scientific hogwash. JF Not realistic because women will get more attention on here than in real life so it seems to give them an inflated ego.

Most don't even respond to your messages and if they do it might be a word or two but hardly ever reply by asking a question back.

Said he had a big family with lots of neices and nephews from cousins. About 51/2 years ago I was in to the process of getting divorce and I was not going to be in to a relationship any time soon.

I gave him my number that same day and we started texting. But little did I know, my friend sign me in to okcupid and I started to look at people and ask question here and there and here I am 5 years later with the most awesome husband I could've ask for and most of all we were bless with two little ones!!!

Having never messaged this person before, I was banned from the site.