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Beirut hookup

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We will keep up and stay true to the highest standards. But we're a bit wiser now; definitely more savvy, and have a ton of brand-new nighttime experiences to match any party-goer’s ever-expanding tastes.

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Behind the Mediterranean facade of Le Royal Hotel & Resort Beirut lies modern interior.Full body massage, back massages and a body scrub will ensure guests a relaxing stay.Guests may choose from a gym, yoga classes and a fitness center as well as lawn tennis, table tennis and squash to spend their time actively.Transport: Flights are cheap out of Africa via Ethiopian Airlines, and you can basically go anywhere in the middle east, Africa and sometimes Europe under $750 USD. Taxis for me were a bitch, because I don't speak Arabic so basically every taxi ended up costing me $20-$35 USD ( I only used 3-4 on my whole trip, I walked alot).I eventually found out from some hot Jordanian chick that you can use "service" which means Taxis that take 4-5 people per trip to your destination for $2-$4 usd).At the outdoor restaurant guests can enjoy international cuisine.

Guests can unwind at the cozy Titanic Is A Piano bar serving a wide range of cocktails and refreshments.

The onsite restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine.

Guests can try coffee and tea served in the garden bar.

Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace is an elegant 5-star hotel set 2.2 km from National Museum of Beirut and 4.4 km from Beirut Souks.

The hotel was opened in 2001 in a 16-story Chinese building and renovated in 2006.

Like a great scotch (or a fine wine), the WHITE brand has grown. They still keep pace with the vibrant, fast city, go out on perfect dates, sip drinks alfresco, and indulge in wild nights. During celebrations singing and dancing also take place and many of the traditional songs and dances have survived to the present time. Young girls would dance by swinging their long black hair and swaying their bodies in time to the strong beat of the music.