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Belgrade dating

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All the way across the bridge over the Sava, I’m watching the meter and battling the sinking feeling of inevitability in my stomach.It’s only a short trip, and I’ve already done it about a dozen times, so I know the going rate is 500 Dinar (about $US4).Pretty soon we’re at our hotel, but not at the front door, down a side road at the trades entrance… As my boisterous companions spill out of the taxi I watch as the driver stops the meter and I see with my own eyes as it jumps from 700 Dinar to 20,000 Dinar!My friend tries to pass him a 500 Dinar note, which the driver refuses. It flies back out onto the road and both taxis roar off.We all look at each other, adrenaline racing through our blood, and burst into laughter.century) and on the other side is a 1970’s style model Soviet city, with wide boulevards (for the tanks), tower blocks in squares and brutalist architecture - courtesy of Yugoslavia’s dictator Tito. ” It turns out there’s nothing for me to worry about, except for the unlicensed taxis.

I’m eager to explore, but I’m the “safety guy” so I stop at the reception desk to ask a few questions. “Do not take the taxi with the plain white sign on top, sir.” Fast-forward to three nights later and a group of us are leaving a restaurant on the Belgrade waterfront.

The written records on the existence of Jews in Belgrade date back to the XVI century.

Researcher believe that Jews were present in Belgrade in earlier centuries, too.

” but it’s too late, the doors are shut and the driver is moving.

He’s also turned the music up to ear-splitting volume so I shout, “Turn the music down and put the meter on!

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