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Bible says dating different races

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The wood was not like what we see today; two by fours or four by sixes. These timbers had to be cut down by hand and they had to be sawed down into workable sections. And carpenters in those days worked with stone more than they did wooden beams.

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'Your ears had to curve—the "Playboy way" was very particular and bunnies needed to look perfect before entering the floor each shift,' she said.Did Jesus have long hair and wear a white robe as the pictures and movies portray?Did He look different from the rest of the Jews or was He no different from those of His day?As Playboy gears up to open a new Playboy Club in New York City 31 years after the original hot spot closed its doors, one former bunny is dishing on what it was really like to work at the famous nightclub.Bobbie Walters, now 69, started dressing up in her bunny suit at the New York City Playboy Club in 1970, when she was just 22.That's how she met her husband, Jules — a man 40 years her senior that she was married to for 33 years, until he died.

Bunnies always had to be professional, said Bunnie, even though shifts could be full of surprises.

'But of course, there were men who were intoxicated and would not be respectful, but all you had to do was tell your room manager and they were removed immediately.'Sometimes, it was women who brought the surprises — including one who turned up naked and stole the attention of the club.

'You never knew what you would see at the Playboy Club' she said.

Reflecting on getting the job, the Bobbie recalls going up against about 200 other girls for one of the in-demand positions.

She met the 'Bunny Mother' for her interview, which was brief and used to evaluate her personality, since she'd have to be friendly and keep guests entertained.

In her new book Ageless, which has been excerpted by The Sun, Bobbie describes the 'very magical and glamorous place' she worked for five years.