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Bipolar dating someone who

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There is no doubt that individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder can often be difficult to interact with.

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In a world that is overrun by cellphones and other technology, we have lost the ability to remain in the present.The present moment is all that we truly have and this is a lesson every person diagnosed with bipolar disorder learns rather quickly.And because you love someone who conquers life with bipolar disorder, you, too, will learn the lesson of being content with the present moment.You will learn to face challenges instead of run away from them.And these are skills which are so desperately needed in today’s society. Along with appreciating the present, you will also learn how to adapt quickly to changing situations.I must insert that by no means do I believe that bipolar disorder is a negative diagnosis; I am extremely proud of my diagnosis and would choose to be diagnosed as such if it was a choice.

Yet, I do realize the negative crayons bipolar disorder colors my life with and I could see how it might be better to live without the crayon box as a whole.

Because a person with bipolar disorder does not always have the luxury of remaining in recovery, you will learn how to appreciate the moments in which they are in recovery and how to find meaning during the moments in which they relapse.

You will learn to appreciate being in the moment more albeit the moment is stressful or negative.

This is all thanks to your loved one who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Loving someone who is diagnosed with bipolar is the same as loving changing situations.

Jasper Benitez is a past TEDx Speaker who enjoys speaking about the topics which many find difficult.