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Bisexual date sim game

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Dream Daddy is a new visual novel to hit Steam that focuses on the story of a father who moves house with his teenage daughter called Amanda.

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This isn't helped by the fact you'll need to play through the game multiple times for the different endings that can be achieved.As a visual novel (VN), this is incredibly important and is something I found lacking in other VNs whereby you found yourself distracted by the user interface or other elements that cluttered the screen.After creating a new game, you're taken to the character creator where you can build the main protagonist.In my initial playthrough, I opted for a Johnny Bravo look, thanks to the character's default generation reminding me of the muscle-touting Cartoon Network God.After completing this step and starting the main storyline, we're introduced to Amanda, the daughter.The first thing you'll immediately notice from the get go is the art style. Everything from the menu screen to the creation tool, scenes to the characters themselves, the developers did a stellar job with the visuals.

Everything is kept simple, which focuses all attention on the story and characters currently on screen.

In one exchange with Damien, it indicates that he wears a binder, implying that he may be trans.

One of the dads that the player-character can date—Joseph—has a wife.

You click to progress through dialog, make some choices, play through some mini-games and eventually settle down with one of the potential mates.

One complaint I do have with the art style is the look of the main character.

In total, there is a total of seven dads you can choose from to date. Another problem I found with the game is the options screen or, well, lack thereof.