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Bones stars dating

It is revealed that Amelia is a recovering substance abuser and that the reason she started in the first place was due to her father getting shot, which left her feeling empty and so she turned to drugs.

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Naomi and Sheldon work to get Addison to help on a case of a couple trying to get pregnant after they lost their first child two years prior.Addison wants a child, but Sam has a child and a grandchild so he would rather just enjoy their time together and put off having kids indefinitely.Sam's biggest challenge is that he is in a relationship with Addison but she is pulling away, so he ends up kissing Naomi which leads him to believe that maybe there is still a chance for a romantic relationship between them.While things at their own wedding get interesting when their parents decided they shouldn't get married only for Cooper and Charlotte to get married in Vegas.Following Pete's proposal these two finally get married and start to raise their child together.Addison's life gets complicated when she is forced to sit by her mother's wife's side and watch her die, because of the DNR, and is faced with the repercussions when her mother commits suicide.

After going to therapy, Addison decides that she needs to take her life in a new direction, and not do everything that she always does, and meets a man at the super-market.

Everyone comes to him for advice so he is like their guardian angel who calmly pushes them all in the right direction.

He starts an affair with a writer who gave Violet's new book a bad review despite the warning from Cooper that the affair is going to jeopardise his friendship with Violet.

After being raped Charlotte decides not to tell Cooper, or the police, but soon after hearing Violet's rape story she finds that she needs to come clean and decides to tell Cooper about everything.

Cooper and Charlotte are faced with not being able to prosecute the rapist when her lawyer states everything was thrown out when she lied.

Amelia contemplates going to see Derek (or not) after he got shot.