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Brief history of ang dating daan

brief history of ang dating daan-68

Virtually all had taken Filipina brides (or soon did so).

Sepoy troops from Madras (now Chennai, Tamil Nadu), British India also arrived with the British expedition and occupation between 17 during the Seven Years' War.She gave alms to the long line of beggars who came to her, and housed and took care of the orphans and children in the streets.In her old age, she was still very popular and was fondly called "Ka Inta" ("Ka" referring to a term of respect for the elderly, as well as a term for the feeling of comradery or "kapwa" feeling for someone).Cainta faces different challenges especially with its boundary disputes with Pasig (Greenpark Village, Karangalan Village, St.Joseph Subdivision, Villarica Subdivision, Riverside, and Midtown Village), Taytay (Greenland and eastern part of Cainta), and Antipolo (Valley Golf and Country Club, Valley View, and Palmera Heights) Cainta is bounded on the north by Marikina City and Antipolo City but not bounded San Mateo, on the west by Pasig City, and on the east and south by Taytay.It lies in the Marikina Valley, is 10% rolling hills and 90% residential-industrial.

It has the province's highest number of rivers and streams.

During the period 1762-1764, during the various Anglo-Spanish Wars, 600 Sepoy (or native Indian) troops arrived in the Philippines as part of the military expedition of the East India Company.

When the British troops withdrew, many of the Sepoys mutinied and refused to leave.

The Municipality's name may also have come from the Sanskrit word “kāṇṭha” [Kah-Uhn-Thaa] (कांथा), which means a narrow place or constriction.

It also means ‘stem’ or ‘branch’ in Sanskrit literature, describing the deeply forested tropical Wilderness which used to surround the area.

According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 322,128 people, making it the second most populous municipality in the Philippines (after Rodriguez, Rizal), although there are efforts underway to convert it into a city.