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On one of my many searches for cheap flights I came across the option to have a layover in Qatar’s capital city: Doha.

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As the vast majority of this territory is desert, it might seem that there isn’t much to see and only hardcore travelers would visit this country.His curiosity got the best of him, and he decided to book a 2-night stay in Doha to see what the city has to offer.In Witold’s first guest post ever, he shares his experiences and tips on how to make the best of a long layover in Doha. Qatar is a tiny Arab state located in the center of the Arab world.As the passengers get out, you can quickly get in (of course checking with the cab first, it’s a common practice and they will usually play ball).Since the cab driver doesn’t have to pay the extra fee you will get charged less as well.There is some small print so make sure you have read this as well before booking.

There are two ways to get from the airport to the city: by bus or by taxi.

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