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However, she’s still a mentally unstable criminal at the end of the film.

Additionally, one person in the comments reminded me that there were two other people in Batman Forever who knew Bruce’s identity (Two-Face’s henchwomen, Sugar and Spice), which brings the count to 12.She doesn’t appear in the second movie and Bruce had already moved on to Selina Kyle by then anyway.His relationship with Catwoman ended with her appearing to sacrifice herself to save him, so she’s less likely to out him.After all, that is how he got the idea to run around dressed as an overgrown flying rat in the first place.Recall if you will these famous panels: These three panels right here are at the core of who Batman is, across all the incarnations we’ve ever seen.Ra’s Al Ghul is aware of Bruce’s secret, but he’s dead before too long.

A consultant for Wayne Enterprises also finds out who Batman is, but Lucius successfully threatens him into silence.

Not only is she sympathetic to his cause, she joins him as an accomplice, so she would be vulnerable to the same retribution, legal or otherwise, as Bruce and Dick.

In terms of keeping the secret safe and making sure criminals and the public know to fear the Bat, Clooney’s Batman did a fine job.

I know, this revelation almost made me throw my findings out the window, but hear me out here.

When it comes to his true identity, Clooney’s Batman is incredibly tight-lipped about it.

For the sake of this argument, I’m only going to count the people who are alive by the end of film.