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Catholic dating matchmaking

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so it’s also a matter of the denomination, not just Christian, but Catholic.

When we started we were surprised that, on the one hand, the site didn’t become so big because there was still a prejudice among Catholics: “It’s a very serious thing to find the right partner for a family, so maybe it’s best not to use the internet.” But on the other hand, the rate of success was very high from the beginning.After 12 years, we’ve tried to overcome the prejudice that the [Church’s view of] family’s serious and holy, and the internet isn’t serious enough.But I always say that’s completely wrong because if you find someone, if a young man talks to a young lady at a party or at a discotheque, it’s more by chance he meets the right person because it’s just based on appearance. If you live in a small village, you have far fewer possibilities to go to events or parties, whereas on the internet you have rather serious criteria: You can look and say, “This guy is reading this book.If he wants to say he’s not a practicing Catholic but on the way, or he’s still Protestant but he wants to still be open to the teaching to the Catholic Church, that’s okay,” as then we’re not controlling.This is really important to underline because there are some Jewish sites which, as far as I know, are very strict.But we know at least about 500-600 have married [through the site], and we estimate the total number to be considerably more.

In the meantime, we have websites in nine other languages — [for example] Hungarian, Croatian, Slovenian, Slovakian, and also in Portuguese, which is very funny because then it could also conquer the market in Brazil. They see, say, five profiles of nice people, and they are happy to at least stay in the battle [to find a holy spouse].

But the mentality in some of the southern countries is different. But what I like is that people get a chance to use half an hour of their free time on this, maybe on a night shift if they’re nurses and have no chance to go out on a Saturday evening because they’re too tired or still in the hospital.

It’s very interesting that in Germany, Austria and Hungary it works probably much better than in Italy, because in Italy people are used to meeting in the street.

The first 500 members could join for free, as we had to start, but then it started to grow immediately.

And one year after founding this site, we’d already had the first weddings, or at least announcements of weddings.

In this recent interview with the Register in Vienna, Martin Kugler shares why they started the website, why he believes prejudice against using internet dating sites is diminishing, and why Catholic dating sites offer certain safeguards that others do not. I didn’t meet my wife on the internet, but we met the bishop responsible for the pastoral care of families in Austria.