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Cats intemidating each other

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Feline house-soiling can be a frustrating problem, but this issue can be solved with patience and education to find out why your cat is not using their litter box.

However, as it usually is with our cats, things aren’t that simple.Having a bad experience with a person can also make a cat fearful around people.This fear might remain specific to the person involved in the bad experience, or it might broaden to include other people as well.Similarly, this is why cats try to out-stare each other to resolve conflicts. That’s also why if two cats are fighting, it can help if you break their line of eye sight with a blanket or tray (never your body! By cutting off their line of sight, they may become distracted and go on their way.This may provide a glimmer of insight to why your cat may tend to approach non-cat people in a room.Please remember that when your cat doesn’t use the litter box, this is a sign that his or her physical, social, and/or medical needs are not being met.

Your cat does not urinate or defecate outside the box due to spite or anger towards you, even though it may feel that way.

However, that behavior, specifically the direct eye contact, may have the opposite effect.

Your cat may view those actions as threatening, and instead approach someone who’s trying to ignore your cat. Some folks try “blink kissing” with their cats – blinking slowly and deliberately while staring directly at the cat.

Any sudden change in your cat’s behavior might indicate an underlying medical condition.

If you notice any unusual physical or behavioral changes, or if your cat stops eating, see your veterinarian right away to rule out medical problems. If you have a kitten, give him lots of chances to meet new people of different ages, sizes, shapes, races and genders.

However, if a cat is calm and friendly with his family but afraid of visitors, it’s often because he didn’t have enough experience meeting new people when he was very young.