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And thanks again for letting me attend this great new foot event. Sincerely, Noir Halo Hi Steve, Event was fun, you are absolutly right, from beginning little awkward, but nothing what little BYOB can't fix:) Since I didn't bring any, was nice when gentlemen's actually offered me one and we break the wall of awkwardness:) I did had few different heels to wear but end up in my flip flops for rest of the night. Jasmine, Sabina Bon I like the most and many others. I think if you do "UFP" exclusively for the Los Angeles region it would be good. But in all honesty that is how foot parties should be.

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I can't thank you enough Steve and co., for making such a cool and relaxed atmosphere for us to hang out and have fun without any pressure or weirdness, totally the opposite of a typical gentleman's club. I enjoyed spending time with the guys, who all seemed really cool.De Wayne I had a great time in a fun, safe, visually stimulating atmosphere.All the women were model quality and all the men I experienced were classy, respectful, and enjoyable to talk with.It was so relaxing and comforting to caress her feet and talk, something I always dreamed about. My favorite place in the world is House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin.I thoroughly enjoyed pampering them for nearly an hour. What surprised me most is how truly fun and personable the ladies all were, which is great when you're used to be snubbed often by women, and that they WANT you to massage their amazing feet. The energy there fun, comfortable, and very inviting! I talked to the owner of the house and asked him if he'd heard of it and we had a nice little chat. feet in socks, hose, pantyhose, heels, strappy sandals, flip flip-flops, bare feet...

My next footgirl Dani was a FN first timer too, we had a great chat about playing music and traveling, and her fresh, clean, lovely long toes with black glitter were an absolute delight to kiss and taste.

In that aspect we both get something out of it, so money should never have to exchange hands.

But then again we don't live in a perfect world, so what are you gonna do?

My favorite part was that we all enjoyed each others company and playing together was authentic. the ladies were terrific and you did a masterful job with your selections- it couldn't have been easy for you!

The fact that we didn't have to worry about time or exchanging of $ made it my favorite party yet. My feedback is for the most part extremely positive: 1.

Here is your chance to experience the unbelievably hot ladies that come to the Los Angeles Footnights..