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Such a hearing would have given his commanding officer the authority to reduce him one rank — which did occur — and to take away a limited amount of pay as well as restrict him to a base or quarters for a limited span of time.

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The topic turns to sex, involving the "Navy Wife's" fictitious 12-year-old twin children.He's due to finish the sexual deviancy treatment in March 2010, according to court documents filed in Kitsap County Superior Court.The Navy's decision sends the wrong message to servicemen and women everywhere, said Glenn Maiers, a retired Naval Base Kitsap senior chief petty officer. The higher up in pay grade you are, the more you can get away with," he said.June 18 After delays, Judge Leonard Costello sentences Scott to a nine-month jail stay and a 3-year sex offender treatment program, known as a "special sex offender sentencing alternative." Jan.31 After completing his jail time, Scott is allowed to retire from the Navy under an honorable discharge ?Part of a wider trend, Mc Dermott contends the Navy and the armed forces have not been "coming down as hard" on service members post-September 11th.

From the military's point of view, the best theory Mc Dermott has on the rationale is simply: "We need bodies." In Scott's case, Mc Dermott believes his honorable discharge could be a result of "karma." His long and successful career were simply too vast to overlook.

Detectives arrested him, and a month later he pleaded guilty to attempted child rape and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, both felonies.

Though he faced a 90-month sentence, a Superior Court judge allowed Scott to opt for a nine-month sentence if he would undergo treatment.

March 19 and 20 Scott makes his first appearances in court after being jailed, as prosecutors file charges against him.

April 19 Scott pleads guilty to immoral communication with a minor and attempted rape of a child in Kitsap County Superior Court.

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