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Dale agrees and at least will have some kids to play with.

“Let this be a reminder to behave,” mom said, “once at the Daycare Center, Aunt Sue or any nanny can spank you and change your diapers.”Mom was hoping to avoid this, but it’s best Dale understands now, to behave at Aunt Sue’s.“I have to send you to Aunt Sues for the summer son,” mom says, “please promise to go and behave because this is important to mommy.”“I don’t want to go mom, there will be nothing to do,” Dale replies, “but I will go if I have to and mind Aunt Sue.” Mom is pleased by her sons agreeing to go to Aunt Sue’s for the summer.Now she has to tell him the rest of the story and show him his package.It was a tragic situation to deal with as most of us know someone who died of cancer.For the 2 years following Carl’s death Stacy lived on savings and a part time job. After dad’s death Dale became withdrawn at first and now at age 10 is a much happier boy.Not only will he spend the summer in diapers, but he is about to get a spanking.

Mom comes in with a box and sets it on his dresser.

Her name is Nancy and there are 2 additional females who work from 8 am to 5 pm.

That’s when the number of children attending is usually 6 to 8.

This will give her a chance to rebuild her savings.

Dale’s problem is that mom wants to send him to her sisters for the summer.

“If Dale stays here for the summer,” Sue informed Stacy, “then he will have to be treated like the rest of the children.” “That will mean diapers and rubber pants day and night for Dale,” Sue “I have to let you take Dale for the summer,” Stacy replied, “he will be just like the other children if you insist.” “After all he is just 10 and you have a 6 and 8 year old in diapers,” Stacy continued, “I will break it to him gently.”Mom knows Dale is going to be upset but she has no choice, Dale is going to Aunt Sue’s for the summer.