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The hotel's gym has a strict dress code — for women. When the ABC visited, the hotel was hosting an event by the newly launched Sharia Monitoring Board.

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"The automatic algorithm system shows that all those pictures match.The Jakarta Police confirmed on Tuesday that Mr Rizieq, who has ignored several police summons for questioning over the alleged pornographic text conversation, was in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.Jakarta Police spokesman Senior Commander Argo Yuwono said the police had not decided whether they would send a team to Jeddah to bring Mr Rizieq back to Indonesia.“They can chat, but the message needs to contain a proposal to do , he will invite them to a Telegram group, consisting of three members: the potential wife, the husband and Lindu as matchmaker.Here, Lindu will help the woman ask questions to the man related to his job, salary, dowry and more.One of the participants is Fitri Fauzia."For me, personally, a halal hotel benefits us Muslims, and everyone else too," she said."It stops the free sex, and things outside Islamic law.

Dating website-cum-application Ayo Poligami (Let’s do Polygamy) previously caught netizens’ attention because of its polygamy-related nature.

Jakarta has no such rules, but a Sharia hotel is free to refuse to check-in couples who are not married."We don't have a proper regulation saying that you must bring your marriage certificate," Asep said."So we can see it from their body language."In particular "their behaviour, shyness, awkwardness, you can see it if they are married," he added. Online Airbnb-style room rental sites like Zen Rooms often carry ads with the word "Syariah" (Sharia) that means unmarried couples are not welcome.

Sharia accommodation is in the headlines this week after Jakarta's new Governor shut down the city's best-known brothel and urged its workers to get new jobs in Sharia hotels.

However, after discovering that the service was being misused, the founder, Lindu Cipta Pranayama, decided to temporarily close the app.

The new version of Ayo Poligami was officially re-launched on Thursday with a stricter security process to avoid fake accounts as well as sex chats.

The system would refuse to (report a match) if the pictures were from two different people," Hery said as quoted by on Tuesday (May 16).