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Chat zone for sex for nigeria

Chat zone for sex for nigeria-80

Because the world is gradually going cashless and we need to follow the trend so we don’t run out of business. Sometimes, he releases it to us for outside business provided he gets a commission. Customers using the Po S pay extra tariffs than those offering raw cash.

Across the street, another unholy mansion also operates the Po S regime.The owner of the brothel hires out the device to any sex worker who is interested in using it for the weekend at the rate of 5k. DAILY POST findings reveal other outlets using the Po S payment, including a new bride, Cephas Cave, a hotel, and Golden Grooveyard strip club both located on Allen Avenue.The investigation also revealed that rich and highly connected society cashless men now frequent some of these secluded unholy zones, for the despicable sexual acts. You think say I come here come look your tribal marks. An encounter with another sex trader around Toyin Street, Ikeja shows that the new technology is no longer a new thing among patrons of commercial sex workers.In separate chats with our reporter, most patrons applauded the new ‘invention’.“This looks more like it.” Lekan, a patron said of the introduction of Po S into the illicit business.The ‘house of sex’ are all similar in their modus operandi, and parade all kinds of girls, both from Nigeria and beyond, who are ready to bare it all, to the admiration and fantasy of both male and female fun seekers. Most sex hawkers on parade on Allen Avenue at nights are armed with Po S device. At a strip club in Allen Avenue, some of the strippers parade the place with Po S terminals in case patron runs out of cash.

At a brothel in Ikotun, the following conversation ensued between a prostitute and our reporter: Why the shift to payment via Po S? For instance, if you are going out with the Po S for weekend, he collects 5k but if it is for ‘quickie’ he takes 5 percent. As soon as you drive through the Lagos ‘Vanity Fair’, you could hear sex traders whispering: Po S! According to our finding, on the high end-street of Allen, one session of ‘cashless quickie’ goes a minimum of 30k.

In the city of Lagos, the digital revolution takes firm grip on the daily life of the citizens as shoppers are abandoning cash for digital payment using their Value Cards to purchase needful things and luxurious items––including sex!

A DAILY POST city-wide findings show how this has changed the dynamics of transactional sex at the city’s various red light districts.

The 300 level undergraduate of Delta State University said before now, she took home no lesser than 20k per day.

Now, she has to wait till the end of the week to get her pay from the management of the hotel, after rent deductions. “Before now, I make about 20k per day and go away with my money, but since the introduction of the Po S here, I will have to wait till the end of the week to get my pay.” Another shocking finding by this reporter during one of his visits to the brothel was the rentage of the device to commercial sex workers for outside usage.

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