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Watching him in action is more than enough motivation to keep the both of us coming back for more!He is everything that every woman dreams about: tall, dark and handsome with flowing man-hair like you'd find on only the most tawdry of romance novel covers.

Sitting there at the lounge Isis enjoys a dry martini while flirting with a business man sitting near her at the bar.Looking repeatedly at her phone Isis starts to appear annoyed, and frustrated.The gentleman a few seats down moves a little closer and offers to buy her a drink.The two of them sit and chat and they realize how much they have in common, and realize they have been there for a couple hours. Cuckold Husband Seeks Revenge It's no secret that I cheated on my husband with any guy I was sexually drawn to.He knew it too, he got the pleasure of seeing me get fucked by many glorious cocks as well as all the cream pie he could devour. Well, I came to find out this was a big fucking lie!It's not my fault I'm out looking for big dick to suck and fuck.

I love to dress sexy, short dresses, thigh highs, and super high heels, and hit the bars. I love how they look at me when I walk in like they are ready to rip my dress off and fuck me right there! Over the weekend I hooked up with a real fucking stud!

I love to fuck, and sadly my hubby has made it clear the business is a priority, not my needy pussy.

I do enjoy phonesex of course, and have lots of that, but I just have needs, needs that need to be met and what can I say, I get them met. I have a guy, well a couple actually, on the side for when my husband is out of town. VIP Call Specials Hot Discounts Introductions To Our Newest Girls Featured Girls Updates! Just enter your Email address below to start enjoying the benefits!

As if that weren't enough on it's own, "George" (as I'll call him here) has a cock that looks like it could satisfy even the most insatiable of pussies. Over and over again during the course of our yoga sessions, George would position himself behind one of us, then the other, to show us how to move from one position to another. You know, my husband simply goes away too much on business.

I have a very strong libido, and I must say, as much as I love masturbating, nothing quite beats a nice, hard cock.

Do you remember the first time you realized this was how you wanted to live? just waiting for her cock sleeve to fill up with another man’s spunk, so you could drink from it like the “Cuckold’s Holy Grail”.