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Chelsea handler is dating

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She rescued Tammy two years ago who, since then, was a regular feature on her television show.But Chelsea Handler had to say goodbye for good to her beloved dog Tammy on Friday.

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She also still has her little assistant Chuy by her side.The 42-year-old gave a heartbroken send-off to the pooch - which she affectionately called Bear.Tammy had been recently recuperating from kidney failure.Her constant statement of "1/2 Jewish" this and that, is tired, who does she think (if she is capable of concept) she is fooling ?????Self centered-SHE IS, has intelligence- SHE HAS NOT, TRASH- SHE SO IS, 33yrs old - OH COME ON NOW, give people some credit.See full summary » Hosted by talk show host, Chris Hardwick, this 30 minute segment provides information about the Internet while being scrutinized by amazing comedians. See full summary » "Entertainment Tonight" is the #1 syndicated entertainment newsmagazine in the world.

Launched in 1981, ET is anchored by Mary Hart and Bob Goen. See full summary » Comedian Chelsea Handler talks about celebrity gossip, pop culture and interviews celebrities while giving her audience something to laugh at.

Keeping her clothes on and her opinions to herself is not something this star cares to do or does often.

Chelsea Handler was once again daring to bare early Friday morning after a late night of making jokes at Angelina Jolie's expense once again.

Perhaps she does drink too much (or does much more to her pea of a brain), she can not recall stating she was 31 back in 2002, while looking closer to 43.

She should stop attacking others, and take a long look in the mirror , fake tan, fake hair color and not so fake that she is a total airhead!

Ohhhh of course that would be the only reason her show is still on.