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Cody kasch dating

Before he was cast as Zach Young in the popular television drama/comedy series, Desperate Housewives, Kasch had small roles in a variety of shows, including ER (where he played Jason Bender), The Others, Nash Bridges, The Practice (where he played Scott Simpson, Jr.), Any Day Now, Boston Public (where he played Austin Cooper) NYPD Blue, Family Affair, Boomtown, Phil of the Future, Out There and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.Kasch also had a recurring role in the short-lived series, Normal Ohio, where he acted alongside John Goodman.

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Susan confronts Julie, who assures Susan that she and Austin are not having sex.Lynette sneaks into his pizzeria while he isn't there, and is very impressed.Andrew, who has been hired as a waiter, tells Lynette that they aren't getting a liquor license because some of the neighbors will not sign off on it.Gabrielle fears that the gift sender may be a stalker, not a secret admirer.Gabrielle is afraid and has Carlos spend the night with her.When Lynette learns that Harry likes breasts, she tells him that if he signs off on the liquor license, she'll show him her breasts. When Tom learns that Lynette got the license, he is upset because he, wanting to be a "man", wanted to get the license himself.

Lynette tells him that she won't do everything for him anymore, but she will help him with his challenges.

It was also the twelfth episode of the show's third season.

The episode was written by Kevin Murphy and Kevin Etten and directed by David Grossman. Due to time constraints, the opening credits were cut.

Tom tells Lynette that he doesn't want her seeing his pizzeria until the grand opening, as he knows that she will have something to complain about.

Lynette is deeply offended, and they have an argument which results in Tom banning Lynette from the grand opening.

Nicky calls the secret admirer, and the secret admirer asks to speak with Gabrielle.