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Collegehumor com dating its complicated

(For the record, I found 13; College Humor only found 10). You see, this online copyranter persona I created does—sometimes—take over my actual, real-life personality.

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I don't totally know what to do about this: I love a lot of what you do, and love having you here.That's something he is perhaps doing with me here.Our editorial team operates independently of advertisers, and I've never based a decision about reporting on an advertiser's needs.Many editorial job openings on Buzz Feed's jobs page feature a "no haters" (say it a singsong voice) caveat. After a few months of being forced to delete posts because they knocked big name advertisers' "mediocre" (Ben Smith's word) ads, what I started doing instead was make fraudulent posts about decent ads with "best ____ ad ever" titles. Maybe that's why I was fired: too many posts with overpromising, hyperbolic click-bait headlines that led to underwhelming content? We parted ways with Mark in because his tone and vision are really different from ours.In particular, it's important to him to make charges — and in one case, imagine dialogue — without the reporting to support them.He said, more or less, "You don't worry about that, that's my problem." Boy oh boy did it become his problem.

Ben Smith made me delete a post I did on Axe Body Spray's ads, titled, "The Objectification Of Women By Axe Continues Unabated in 2013" (it was initially called something to the effect of "Axe Body Spray Continues its Contribution to Rape Culture," but I quickly softened it).

Maybe I didn't fit their core demographic, and therefore, their big-picture plans? I got scolded a couple times for being too aggressive.

All my young colleagues thought this post—"What It's Like Being The Oldest Buzz Feed Employee"—was CUTE, but I wasn't kidding. You laugh, but many of Buzz Feed's most viral post are lists of . So that's one plausible reason I was canned—defending my stuff too much.

Sometimes I invited particularly sad trolls to come to the Buzz Feed office and give me their personal insults face-to-face over coffee (none ever came). I'm sorry, but I call that "journalism."What can I say, I hate untidiness.

One of my last posts, before I was fired, was a collection of all the photos I could find on the web of people "servicing" the Ronald Mc Donald mascot.

Both copies had CUTE stickers affixed to the first page. I know for a fact that there are more appropriate varieties of sticky notes in the Buzz Feed office supply cabinet that do not have "CUTE" printed on them, including white ones with a ghosted red Buzz Feed logo.