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In the coming months we will be posting articles almost on a weekly basis that will tell you more about debt consolidation and the best options out there, so be sure to be on the lookout for new and existing news articles.There are quite a few debt consolidation loan companies in South Africa and although we do not offer debt consolidation loans ourselves, we will be able to assist you with debt review.More and more people are signing up for debt consolidation because currently people are struggling in South Africa due to more job losses than ever and this is causing people to fall into debt.We have been receiving allot of enquiries related debt problems and specifically with the current economic climate in South Africa, more and more people seem to find themselves in debt.We are here to help you, so do not be discouraged because we are able to help you getting your personal finance in order.We have a got a team of debt consultants that have years of experience and will be able to assist you and do a debt assessment in order to determine the state of your personal finance.

If you do feel that you would like to contact us, simply complete the online enquiry form and we will contact you, to discuss the best way for you to get the process started to get out of debt.

Just start typing in either the country or the company name.

The system will automatically display the relevant agent(s).

Debt consolidation offers people in debt basically a lifeline, in the sense that you can consolidate all your debts under 1 loan and then repay only the instalment on that loan.

With consolidation, the administrators will negotiate with your creditors on your outstanding debt and then arrange for repayment terms and conditions.

Consolidation loans have become more and more popular over the last couple of years due to people struggling to repay their debt, so we decided to tell you a bit more about how these loans work and how you can apply for a consolidation loan.