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Consolidating erp systems

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Fairly often, data is stored at too fine a granularity — thus increasing the costs for managing the database.

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Consolidating all systems on one global instance surely incurs more load, since users across different time zones will all be tapping into the same system.And third, devise an efficient housekeeping policy whereby you create rules to limit data growth. *For more information, please see "Speed Up High-Throughput Business Transactions with Parallel Processing — No Programming Required!" by Susanne Janssen and Werner Schwarz in the January/February 2002 issue of Susanne Janssen ([email protected]) joined SAP in 1997 after finishing her studies in applied linguistics and cognitive science at the Universities of Mainz and Edinburgh.With increasingly powerful hardware now available at increasingly affordable prices, many customers are considering consolidating their IT systems onto a single global instance.But when going global, don't forget about performance.Since 1998, she has been a member of the SAP Performance, Data Management, and Scalability team, where she manages sizing processes, projects, and customer contacts.

She also supports the SAP field in feasibility studies.

The best I can do is offer some large system benchmark information based on sample data from SAP Early Watch Alert.

SAP Early Watch Alert is a free SAP service, provided via SAP Solution Manger, through which customers can voluntarily send statistical system data to SAP to identify potential problems early, avoid bottlenecks, and monitor system performance.* Here I've included some sample information gathered from SAP Early Watch Alert participants (from one particular week).

Because of the increased load, check your custom applications for: * For more information, see "SAP's Strategy for End-to-End ILM Success: The Information Lifecycle Management Solution from SAP Bridges the Gap Between Applications and Storage Technology for Legal Compliance," a Performance & Data Management Corner column by Dr.

Axel Herbst and Tanja Kaufmann in the January-March 2008 issue of I'd like to leave you with three pieces of advice for evaluating — and improving — system performance, especially if you're considering consolidating on a single global instance.

Please note, however, that because SAP does not systematically collect customers' performance data, there's no conclusive way to know if these statistics are indeed representative of the largest customers.