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Here it is: I still couldn't get the big head/little neck, and the body is a bit stouter/shorter, but a striding cat might be stretched out a bit. My friend was a former hunter and fisherman, and spent a lot of time in the woods, as did I, but neither of us had ever seen a coyote.This one streaked across the road in the early evening, and fortunately, it stopped when it climbed a hill on the other side where I had another view from my side of the truck.

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One of these days, though, I'll get one that won't be, and I hope that will be soon. Please keep scrolling - ALL the Puma posts are included Although size can be difficult to determine in the field, a puma will be three or four times larger than a bobcat.And a bit of an unpleasant one at that, as they now faced ridicule or doubt whenever they discussed their sightings.Their are two web sites I know of that dealt with eastern pumas, with the one, the Eastern Puma Research Network, concentrating on sightings in the east.But even without that second look there was no question that we'd seen a coyote.A brief look, yes, but no question we saw a coyote.Now, forty years ago coyotes were rare or almost nonexistent in Pennsylvania, and had had that same sighting back then, when coyotes were thought not to exist within the state we would have had the 'facts' to doubt what we saw.

However, my friend and I discussed this, and agreed, we saw what we saw, and had it been 40 years ago or four months ago, we knew we saw a coyote.

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About six months ago I posted the question, Are there Mountain Lions in Pennsylvania?

I've read a lot about this, and the usual explanation is the very human desire to see something, to see what someone wants to see, and thus these people are seeing bobcats or brown cats or dogs or foxes and, because they 'want' to see a puma, they do.

But no one that I've communicated with had these preconceptions, and seeing what they saw was a complete surprise.

the tail is curved down, rather than up, but it may have been in mid-swing; 3.