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The Blue Iguana Recovery Program has worked through challenging circumstances to bring back the population from near extinction and at the rate that these animals are being killed, there will be no breeding animals remaining in the park in a few weeks,” said Mrs Ebanks-Petrie.“Currently, the QEIIBP is in the process of fencing the entire park to keep out trespassing dogs.

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“We are extremely saddened that the Do E feel that this is the only method of dealing with the issue of stray dogs in the Botanical Park,” local group Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts (CARE) stated.Mr Jairam suggested that traps may not always work due to the size and intelligence of the dog. There are some great tips that can be used to have a better success with trapping.” The group also suggested the use of stun gun over firearm.Some dogs are much bigger than the Do A traps while some are sensible and may have been trapped before so they know to be cautious the second time around, said Mr Jairam. Both animal care groups agree that the issue of stray dogs and dog attacks facing Cayman should be blamed on irresponsible owners and inadequate laws.CARE took a more critical approach of the traps being set at the park by asking, “Perhaps they need to change their trapping technique? “It’s not the dogs’ fault, it is our fault but unfortunately they are the ones that will suffer due to lack of responsible ownership,” said CARE. How do we support responsible pet ownership in underserved areas?“If we want safe communities, it’s time to take a hard look at our animal control ordinances and owner resources. If we focus our attention and resources on the humans, we’ll build communities that truly are safe for everyone – dogs and humans alike,” the group noted.Ms Bush described her dog wandering by the front her yard when several dogs of her neighbour’s attacked him.

Despite having owners, she said these dogs were always seen roaming the street she lived on.

At least three former employees of Coutts & Co, the private banking arm of Royal Bank of Scotland, who lost their jobs due to a restructuring exercise that saw Coutts reduce its global footprint in 100 countries, including Cayman, have filed suit of wrongful dismissal on the grounds of redundancy.

As was reported in the local media in 2013, Coutts sold its private banking business in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa in 2012 with client assets worth more than US$2 billion to RBC Wealth Management.

There are other ways – either they get more traps, impose stricter laws on animal owners for them to have their animals confirmed or even if they have the tranquiliser guns and shoot the dogs and then call the Department of Agriculture (Do A) to pick them up.” Though traps would be a more humane method than shooting, Mrs Ebanks- Petrie said the Do E along with CINT and QEIIBP have exhausted all non-lethal capture methods.

Dog traps provided by the Department of Agriculture had not had much success.

They questioned the legality of the method while adding that it will not solve the problem but is rather “a band aid solution”.