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Customs of dating around the world

“They’re used to their ladies getting dolled up just to go to the grocery store and I’m just not like that.” What do you think of these dating customs – keen to try or happy to be dating in the US of A? I don't know if the Iran customs are still active but in Bangladesh majority of the people don't like the concept of dating.

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Right in one of these five countries with distinctive dating practices.It’s pretty surprising given the amount of fresh-faced surfer girls strutting around Australia’s coastal cities and towns.“I’ve found that dating Australian boys, or Sydney men in particular, they are used to more high-maintenance girls,” says Caroline E., a Georgia native who spent 10 months living and dating in Sydney.Women still cover their faces and the genders cannot mix freely in public.Yet a form of online dating has emerged in the country, as reported in a February 2009 Al Jazeera article, and a concept of temporary marriage has taken hold as a stand-in for relationships.And the dating space also shows these competing interests.

Women in China are now more educated, but very traditional Chinese men may still want women “beneath them,” who are less educated and more subservient, reports a story on China

Yes, Chinese elders help out their younger family members by looking for love for them.

Dating Difference: The Islamic country is at a crossroads when it comes to dating customs.

“As a general rule, dating in France barely exists,” says Lindsey T., an American who lives in Paris and is married to a Frenchman.

“From the moment you express interest in one another and kiss, it can be assumed you’re in a relationship.” Girls who complain about the fade-away will be happy to know that it doesn’t happen much in France.

Since most Koreans are well into their university years when they start dating, there are love hotels where they can go to get some privacy, reports the blog Eat Your