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Daddy rules for dating

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Rule #7 If my daughter is not ready when you come to pick her up do not complain, do not fidget, and do not roll your eyes-get used to waiting.

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Places where there is darkness are not even an option.I love my boyfriend's daughter but it's so frustrating when he doesn't think his daughter coughs up an attitude and doesn't listen when he's not around.His daughter changes into an angel when he's in the room.Most child abuse cases are from a step parent and to put your child in that situation is incredibly selfish, my boyfriend was one of those kids and it is so hard to try to be civil with his parents. I'm dating a dad with a 6 year old daughter, it's extremely hard to stay with him when is ex is psycho, she uses the daughter to get her way and even teaches her daughter to say mean things about me and tells her she can't like me.Dating a dad isn't for the weak, I'll tell you that much.Rule #5 When you come to my house to pick up my daughter (at the door) I do not wish to discuss any other information such as sports or politics for which, you have no intelligible knowledge of these subjects, other than what time you will be bringing my daughter home.

That means, all I want to hear coming out of your mouth as you pick her up is the word “early”.

Rule #1 If you plan on taking my daughter on a date and come to my house and honk your horn or call her cell phone you'd better be the UPS man, because you are not picking anything up.

Rule #2 If you touch my daughter be prepared to have removal of the touching limbs from your body in any such way that I feel appropriate.

Rule #4 In today’s world, sexual activity among young people is becoming rather common place.

Just because this is a commonality does not mean that it will be happening with my daughter.

I was dating a single dad of two and the hardest thing was to accept the fact that his kids will always come first.