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He has hosted the Academy Awards twice (19) and briefly had his own late-night talk show, The Chevy Chase Show (1993).He played the character Pierce Hawthorne on the NBC comedy series Community from 2009 to 2012.

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He then attended Haverford College during the 1962–1963 term, where he was noted for slapstick comedy and an absurd sense of physical humor (including his signature pratfalls and "sticking forks into his orifices" Chase transferred to Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, where he studied a pre-med curriculum and graduated in 1967 with a Bachelor of Arts in English.As a descendant of the Scottish Clan Douglas, the name seemed appropriate to her.He is a 14th-generation New Yorker, and was listed in the Social Register at an early age.As both a performer and writer, he earned three Primetime Emmy Awards out of five nominations.He is further known for his portrayals of Clark Griswold in five National Lampoon's Vacation films and Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher in both Fletch (1985) and Fletch Lives (1989).To give the album a more soft-rock sound, producer Alan Lorber made several alterations in the mixing, including the muting of Chase's bass drum, and Chase was reportedly incensed when he heard the final mix.

Before fame, Chase worked as a cab driver, truck driver, motorcycle messenger, construction worker, waiter, busboy, fruit picker, produce manager in a supermarket, audio engineer, salesman in a wine store, and theater usher.

Other prominent titles include Caddyshack (1980), Seems Like Old Times (1980), Spies Like Us (1985), ¡Three Amigos!

(1986), Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992), Orange County (2002) and Hot Tub Time Machine (2010).

Eugene and Catherine were on hand to support Chris at The Rewrite premiere on Tuesday The Rewrite stars Hugh Grant, 54, plays Keith Michaels, a divorced Hollywood screenwriter facing hard times who finds romance and new meaning in life when he takes a college teaching job to avoid bankruptcy.

Guests at the screening hosted by The Cinema Society and Brooks Brothers, including Kyle Mac Lachlan and his PR guru wife Desiree Gruber, alongside fashion designer Rachel Roy, partied at Jimmy at the James Hotel, sipping Qui Tequila cocktails (named Binghamton Blend and Paradise Misplaced, in keeping with the film).

His mother's ancestors arrived in Manhattan starting in 1624 — among his ancestors are New York City mayors Stephanus Van Cortlandt and John Johnstone; the Schuyler family, through his ancestor Gertrude Schuyler, the wife of Stephanus Van Cortlandt; John Morin Scott, General of the New York Militia during the American Revolution; Anne Hutchinson, dissident Puritan preacher and healer; and Mayflower passengers and signers of the Mayflower Compact, John Howland,[Chevy] once told me that people who defined themselves in terms of their ancestry were like potatoes—the best parts of them were underground.