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Both models feature a 64-voice system, and both are upgradable to 128-voices (U. The S6000 also offers programmable "user keys" which can be assigned to any page for rapid access to commonly used functions.The S5000 features eight individual analog outputs (upgradable to 16) and a stereo master analog output, while the S6000 comes equipped with 16 2 analog outputs.

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With its $10m budget for 6.5 hrs, I’m not sure Free to Air’s bean-counters could have ever justified what has been delivered, let alone nurture it with the same patience. Composer Bryony Marks, editor Geoff Hitchins and costumes from Terri Lamera have all given this story the love it deserves.Tim Winton wrote the screenplay with Ellen Fontana under the watch of producer Greg Haddrick.He is also matched by the striking photography of Mark Wareham, which captures the light of Western Australia beautifully.Production designer Herbert Pinter has created stunning scenes of 1940s Perth with an eye for detail that delivers authenticity.Cloudstreet, co-produced by Brenda Pam and produced by Des Monaghan and Kim Vecera, is a landmark series from Screentime.

It is a return to the period miniseries we used to do so well -I was constantly reminded of the wonderful Water Under the Bridge with this piece.

Geoff Morrell fits the colloquial Lester Lamb to a tee, playing the hapless husband who lacks enterprise.

Steve Curry charms his way through the lively Sam Pickles while Essie Davis channels Hollywood-glamour as the painted-lady, Dolly Pickles.

The incident leaves him permanently brain damaged and a handful for the family for the rest of their lives.

Complusive gambler Sam Pickles (Steve Curry) also has an accident, losing several fingers while working on the Abrolhos Islands during World War 2.

He is married to the alluring Dolly (Essie Davis) who courts other men behind his back to relieve her boredom.