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Dating a ludwig drum

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It shows the modern Keystone badge to be from 80 on. I've got a copy of just about every Luddy catalog from the 20s on, so I'll go home and check tonight, but I think that the pointy badge was only used for a few years and the rounded ones were a majority of the 70s.My badges on some of my ludwig gear are pointy.(all of them on the vista lite) So I know now that they were made during the 70's .... :-) Another something I found was this book wich claims to have a complete dating guide. Vistalite Drums is a web site for the history and documentation of Ludwig Vistalite Drums.These lugs came in a few different colors and contained metal interior parts. The Bake-Lite lug was quite fragile and this experiment did not last long! After the war was over, drum production gradually resumed and the post-war drums were basically the same as the early 1940s products with no major hardware changes.Below are some images from the first post-war 1948 catalog: drums with a few Ludwig & Ludwig hardware pieces.By turning a series of knobs mounted on the shell, internal mechanical parts exerted pressure on the drum heads from within. Ludwig, the drums of the new Ludwig Drum Company were basically W. During the 1950s, Ludwig used three different types of tension casings on their snare drums.

While this design may have been a great concept, in actual practice it was less than spectacular. The Streamline lug pictured below was offered on all of their six and eight lug snare drums with the exception of the Jazz-Combo and Down Beat models.

Being that both lines were manufactured by the same company, this is not surprising.

The old classic Imperial lug was relegated to lower line drums like the Reliance model snare drum.

m I'd seen that page before and I wonder how accurate it is regarding the B/O badges.

I've owned a lot of Luddys from this era and the pointy badges seem to be the more scarce ones.

The badge itself is a clue....pointy corners is one of the first few years...rounded the corners off in about 71 or so.