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Dating activities to do

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Read on to learn more about DC’s restaurants, entertainment, nightlife and special date ideas.

Loggerhead and leatherback female turtles come here to lay their eggs..P. A Mozambique has, internationally, a reputation for the best marine life in the most beautiful setting. A Mozambique has a myriad of exciting activities on offer.Depart from the Barra Lodge in stunning Inhambane and enjoy a cruise over the flat waters of the estuary. With endless white beaches bordered by paradise-like, sub-tropical vegetation on the one side and the most gorgeous light blue seas on the other, buffeted by cora..From $4 Mozambique: a dreamy tourist destination with untouched beaches, warm Indian Ocean waters, and paradise-like surroundings, embedded within which is a rich cultural and historical heritage dating back centuries. While that may not have been your first choice of transport, it is in fact a very popular mode of transport in Mozambique.For the more adventurous, guided tours will take you on a ..P. A Downtown Maputo keeps beat with a thriving culture and a pulsating, vibrant atmosphere with its many street-side cafs and bustling marketplaces. A Off the beaten trail, 79 kilometres south of Maputo, lies Maputo Elephant Reserve, an unspoiled region of vast, rugged beauty.Setting off early in the morning, you can be whisked away to beautiful islands such as Magaruque, Benguerra, Bazaruto, Banque, the Two Mile Reef or Parad..P. A The vibrant and dynamic culture of Mozambique has an activity for every traveler from the laid back sun worshiper to the avid explorer. Mozambique is filled with spectrums of colour, whether it is a..P. A Mozambique, known for its many beauties and its exquisite wildlife has on offer a wealth of natural treasures to be discovered by every holiday maker.Pristine beaches and unspoiled reefs as well as an unrivalled marine life make for one of the fe..P. A Take some time off and lounge on the deck of a luxury 33 foot Catamaran Yacht in secluded Mozambique. A For scuba divers, the question beckons: what elements make the perfect dive holiday? A Ever wanted to explore Africa on the back of a 4 wheel quad bike?Whether you’re contemplating a first date, or have been coupled up for years, try something more adventurous than a table for two with these unexpected date night ideas.

Laughter can be the best ice breaker, and sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Assess your date’s competitive streak by taking them to Amsterdam’s arcade-bar hybrid: the Ton Ton Club.

Its two locations at Amsterdam Central and the West, combine delicious burgers and drinks with pinball, Mario Kart and all the classics.

Escape to sleepy fishing villages like Volendam and Zaandam, soak up the sea breeze at Bloemendaal beach or take a walk through the fields of colour in the Flower Strip.

Ponta Mamoli in Mozambique is a secluded holiday destination and is only 25 kilometres from the Kosi Bay border post.

In the wise words of Bridget Jones, “a mini-break means true love”.