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Dating after the death of your wife

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…it’s my worst nightmare come true that only happens to others ……site is really helping god bless you =============================================== 2/8/17 I can’t thank you enough for your blog.I lost my beautiful wife of 26 years on July 7, 2017 after a yearlong battle with pancreatic cancer.

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Our children are grown (thank god Im not dealing with what you are) My grand children are just shattered. I’ve found your site and am getting lots of help and comfort reading your posts …the moment I’m just completely lost scared and wondering if life’s worth living ,,,but I gave two daughters 17 and 19 and a west highland terrier that bought 8 months before she died so if I deserted all those most important people in her life she’d kill me !!This means it’s a completely private way of us supporting each other with no one else knowing, it’s a great place to look for support or just rant!If you would like an invite please let me know the e-mail address you use to log in to Facebook, I can then send an invitation to you These are all genuine messages, read them, notice the similarities in your own story and take comfort from the fact that you are not alone and are indeed not going mad!Ironically we had grown apart prior to her illness but her decline in health brought us closer again. I do not believe in suicide or I would have do it a while ago.I knew she was terminally ill but in my mind I had rationalized she would get better even though there was no chance of that. I try to believe thier [sic] is a reason I am here.I have received many messages from well-wishers and they have helped me enormously.

One of the things these messages have helped me to do is to recognise that I’m not alone, I’m not going mad and that other people in a similar situation of grief after the loss of their partner are experiencing very similar things.

But living where she lived and seeing things she saw would make me feel closer to her.

SO what if she isn’t alive, my love for her would always remain the same. She was 36 and 31st oct 16 was our marriage anniversary.

I don’t know what or why I am saying this, just need some advises from you to cope with this pain without moving on ( if moving on means continuing with my life by thinking less of her or look for any other partner at some point in the future etc ) don’t really want to forget the tiniest memory of her or replace her with any other girl ever. =============================================== 19/12/16 Mark, I am sorry for your loss but happy to hear you are enjoying life now. I have 3 children, elder one boy of 16 and 2 girls of 12 and 8 respectively.

I needed tips so that I could feel more closer to her, maybe doing what she liked or visiting places she wanted to visit etc, this type of stuff. I don’t know how I found your blog but it has been a great read. I really appreciate your positive attitude about this entire process and I think it is essential. Kindly guide me as today I have no ways, no dreams, no emotions, no hunger, no thurst…….

=============================================== 9/10/17 I lost my lovely wife , we to were childhood sweethearts and had no children. She was only 49 and I recently went to the Greek island of Kos which she had booked for her 50th birthday never have I been so disoriented on holiday, the shops, things on the menu, little things just reminded me of her 24/7. While I was in Kos I had her favourite portrait photograph tattooed on my chest with her signature inscribed underneath it, its close to my heart and she’s now with me ( visually)! =============================================== 5/10/17 I recently as we were together since the age of 19. =============================================== 11/9/17 I came upon your website this morning, I am having a hard day today, one of many… It is now five months, but the concept of time is now very strange. I live alone and am VERY lonely, my wife and I did everything together, we got several years working at home together before she died. =============================================== 7/8/17 I don´t use facebook or tweet, but I would like to say your website is great, I am sure it will reach out to and help a lot of hurting people.