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Dating again after an abusive relationship

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When they truly realize what they’ve lost, their pride and ego may break down and they may realize your worth.But then again, the abusive traits of an abusive partner are ingrained in them.

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And one day, you’d realize that love does change everything.You can feel it, like there’s something wrong in the relationship, but you just don’t know for sure.[Read: The ugly consequences of making someone a priority when you’re only an option to them] And each time you wonder if something’s wrong, your partner does something romantic or nice to suppress those fears down.By helping your partner see these signs sprouting in them, both of you can work together to overcome these issues, and better the relationship with time. You believe you’re not asking for help because you don’t want to bother your partner or trouble them with your worries. You convince yourself that it’s better to do something behind their back instead of confronting them.[Read: 25 topics all happy couples talk about in a relationship] So are you in an abusive relationship? But could it be because your partner makes you feel small and dumb each time you ask for help? [Read: 18 critical signs of an unhealthy relationship] #4 You bend over backwards for your partner. But what do you do when abuse finds a way to seep into your romance?

But how many abused lovers even realize they’re being abused?

You realize your partner loves putting you down and humiliating you in front of others, and instead of confronting it, you choose to avoid such situations completely.

[Read: How self respect affects you and your relationship] #9 Your partner is manipulative. They pretend to be the victim in front of everyone else.

[Read: 16 sneaky abusive relationship signs of a devious lover] What is an abusive relationship?

An abuse relationship is a relationship between two people, where one person controls and dominates the other person in different ways, be it sexually, emotionally, physically, or economically.

A bruised arm or a busted lip is easy to see, but when abuse comes in other forms, you won’t realize what’s happening. [Read: 15 ways to stop selfish people from hurting you all the time] How abuse enters the relationship Your love for someone can blind you from all the abuse they’re hurling at you.