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Dating choice games

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Garrick has been sharing her performing arts experience with e How readers for the past year.

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Generally you meet several characters, and will have to choose one to court.One by one they’ll then dump the suitors that don’t make the grade.Tonight kicks off with 23-year-old Charlotte, who designs the man of her dreams.Let the bachelorette continue alternating between contestants, asking questions. Each actor should answer the questions based on his occupation. When a farmer contestant is asked what he would plan for a first date for example, he might include things like milking cows and perhaps killing chickens for dinner.End the game when one actor’s performance has clearly stood out.She wants a mixed-race man with a quirky dress sense, toned body and a pert posterior - and is greeted by eight men matching that description.

Next week sees 24-year-old Essex man George digitally design his ideal woman - long blonde hair and slim - but he warns she better make a good first impression because he will dump the one whose personality doesn't match their perfect looks.

Follow these instructions to learn the rules of the game.

Choose an actor to play a bachelor or bachelorette.

Game of Clones takes dating to the next level as the participants are given access to the latest avatar-building technology to virtually create their perfect partner.

Aired every night on E4 from Monday to Friday, starting tonight, it will see the dater living with the eight suitors - all while setting them challenges designed to reveal their true characters.

Pick a profession for each actor from the suggestions.